Custom vector art shirt/sticker design of my LEGO minifigures inspired by the Epic Rap Battles of History series, starring Nice Peter & Epic Lloyd! Drawn in Flash 8 and finished in Photoshop, this bad boy contains Lincoln vs. Norris as seen in episode 3! Fun fact: I saw a live version of this battle at the New York City stop for the DigiTour a few months back; it made me feel like a big man. I cried manly tears. And spoke in sentence fragments.
EDIT - Derp, I meant episode 3.


Whose rap flow is the dopest? Marilyn Monroe’s is.


EpicLLOYD, the impish star of the ever popular Epic Rap Battles of History series — along with some of his incarnations, such as Gandalf the Grey, Napoleon Bonaparte, Elvis Presley, Things 1 & 2, Senator John McCain, and Chuck Fuckin’ Norris! The epic videos that inspired these are all over YouTube, so they’re hard to miss!
All minifigure photos taken by me, and used with my own personal collection. The final photo collage was retouched by me in Photoshop CS3.
Coming soon: a similar picture of Lloyd’s cohort Nice Peter! Stay tuned!
Who will survive!?
-Baron von Brunk

you sir, may have all of the reblogs i have.  so much win!

Suck on deez!



Nice Peter concert tonight!

photos?!?  video?!?  *SO JEALOUS*


I keep refreshing the YouTube homepage for the ERB.
No regrets.

so many videos (supposedly) coming out today! monday show this morning (well, morning for me anyways…), just got ninja from lloyd, can’t wait to see what ERB, ERB2, Dante, and Mary have in store for us! :-D

Last night at the Digitour…


Nice Peter called me on stage. I rapped as CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS. And I knew ALL of it!

I rapped with nice peter.

I rapped with NICE PETER.


YES!! Congrats!!

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